Total logistics solution company will support electric vehicle manufacturers throughout the region

OPELIKA, Ala. (August 2, 2021) – KOAM, a total logistics solution company for automotive OEMs, has opened its first west coast facility in Phoenix, the company announced today. The veteran- and minority-owned business’ relationship with LUCID Motors and the recent manufacturing expansions of other electric vehicle companies such as Nikola, ElectraMeccanica and Atlis made Greater Phoenix the ideal strategic location for the new returnable packaging solutions operation.

The culmination of simple, honest hard-work and support for our customers has propelled KOAM forward over the years. Over the course of the last 11 years since its initial debut, we have pride in knowing that these values provide the foundation for our company. On June 25th, 2021 KOAM reached an important milestone that would not have been possible without the incredible people that helped propel our business forward. KOAM officially established our presence on the west coast.

KOAM is excited to continue paving the way in innovation, by adding the OTC DAIHEN FD-B6L 6-axis robot manipulator to our processes. The robotic welder is one of the most advanced welding products in the world, allowing us to achieve outstanding quality, consistency, and efficiency.

The FD-B6L 6-axis robot manipulator features an extended reach with a through-arm, delivering maximum mobility in tight work spaces. OTC DAIHEN has always been a pioneer in advancing welding and automation technology, bringing numerous innovations to the industry. KOAM is thrilled to add this product to our repertoire in order to maximize performance for our clients.

If you need our welding services or are interested in learning more about our offerings, contact us today.

With the addition of the HandyPROBE Next coordinate measuring machine, or CMM, KOAM now has inspection and scanning capabilities.The HandyPROBE Next is a portable, optical CMM that was designed specifically for production floor use. This machine delivers unmatched accuracy despite the different types of measurement setups, user experience levels and inconsistencies found in any environment.

The implementation of this machine gives KOAM greater flexibility and efficiency which allows us to perform the best quality control possible. KOAM will be using the CMM software, along with 3D scanning and measurement technologies, to combine the essential tools needed for the data acquisition process.

Using CMMs will benefit KOAM in numerous ways by allowing instant measuring, more accuracy, portability and automatic alignment.

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Signing days are common for student athletes who pledge to continue their sport at a college or university after graduating high school however, schools have begun holding similar signing ceremonies for students who are transitioning directly into a career after high school.

KOAM is thrilled to have signed Joseph Boiles as their latest employee as part of trade school signings. Joseph has worked with KOAM since the beginning of his senior year of high school. He started off sweeping and cleaning the warehouse floors, however quickly displayed tremendous initiative and a willingness to learn. His eagerness to help with any task big or small and to work hard quickly made him a valued member of the KOAM team.

Joseph has continued to learn new skills, and found he has a natural talent for welding. We look forward to Joseph starting his full time career with us after high school graduation.

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