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KOAM is thrilled to welcome Ken Peterson to the team. Ken has accepted the role of Vice President for KOAM Logistics, a KOAM LLC subsidiary company.

With a proficient background in supply chain, Ken has received highly technical training in various areas throughout his career to further develop his skills and his outstanding business acumen.

Ken has over 25 years of career experience in the supply chain industry. Most recently, he held leadership positions with HONDA. Ken will be a great asset to KOAM Logistics and we are excited for all that's to come as he leads this division.

Signing days are common for student athletes who pledge to continue their sport at a college or university after graduating high school however, schools have begun holding similar signing ceremonies for students who are transitioning directly into a career after high school.

KOAM is thrilled to have signed Joseph Boiles as their latest employee as part of trade school signings. Joseph has worked with KOAM since the beginning of his senior year of high school. He started off sweeping and cleaning the warehouse floors, however quickly displayed tremendous initiative and a willingness to learn. His eagerness to help with any task big or small and to work hard quickly made him a valued member of the KOAM team.

Joseph has continued to learn new skills, and found he has a natural talent for welding. We look forward to Joseph starting his full time career with us after high school graduation.

KOAM has made a donation to the local community of Beauregard, Alabama, following the tornado disaster in March 2019.

The deadly tornado left many homeless and without supplies. It has been a distressing time for many residents within the Beauregard area and we send our thoughts to everyone who has been affected.

KOAM is proud to be part of such a strong community here in Lee County and we hope that this contribution helps those in need as the community continues relief efforts and starts to rebuild.

KOAM continues to bolster their product offering with a brand new Accurpress machine, now operating in the Opelika facility.

The Accurpress boasts a 130 ton press brake with advantage package. All Accurpress press brakes are designed and built to high standards of lifetime durability and precision accuracy. The Accurpress Advantage package is an economical solution for off-center and stage bending applications. The system maintains consistently high repeat accuracies over years of dedicated usage; a testament to the quality and longevity of this machine.

We are proud to have Accurpress within our Opelika facility as they have consistently maintained the #1 selling press brake status for many years, therefore align with our company values of providing high quality and durable products. Contact us today to learn more about the new machine.

KOAM was extremely excited to be a part of Nissan’s first S&S Diverse Supplier Tradeshow. The show took place on January 8th at their Headquarters in Tennessee.

The tradeshow provided us opportunity to stand alongside fellow Nissan suppliers and answer questions or provide information to those who were interested throughout the tradeshow event. The experience was extremely valuable and a great way for us to be able to promote KOAM as an innovative logistics partner to those who were unfamiliar with our business and our offerings.

We would like to thank Nissan for the opportunity to participate and we are already looking forward to the next tradeshow we can participate in!

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