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As experts in efficiency and forward-thinking, we at KOAM are always striving to offer customized solutions and streamlined processes. We are constantly pursuing new ideas to maximize speed and efficacy. We innovate to simplify each and every process for our customers and we partner closely with them to implement logistics solutions from end-to-end: from engineering, to fabrication, to integration. KOAM is proud to have a long legacy of innovation. Our team is dedicated to unveiling next-level logistic solutions to ensure we remain one of the top providers in market. Our team is constantly collaborating with key stakeholders to set new benchmarks and this is why at KOAM, we have innovation as a core value.


KOAM’s experienced team of engineers offer endless possibilities, ensuring the client’s customized solution reduces the overall cost of logistics and environmental footprint in the supply chain. We have the material knowledge and expertise to help us engineer and provide optimized solutions for any situation.
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The first step in developing your product or application begins with prototyping. Prototyping solidifies your ideas and shows your concept to users before developing. KOAM offers an array of multi-material prototyping and has extensive experience building various prototypes for auto manufacturing companies and suppliers in the southeast region.
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KOAM implements CMM technology with greater flexibility and efficiency in order to perform unrivaled quality control. CMM makes the data acquisition process seamless by combining essential tools, allowing instant measuring, 2 times more accuracy, portability and automatic alignment.
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KOAM maximizes package lifespan and ensures there is no loss or wastage in materials. With our extensive network of partners and comprehensive online software systems, we are able to monitor the entire RCMS process, providing analysis of routes, delivery performance, handling, utilization, waste management and lead times.
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As KOAM continues to innovate in all processes and procedures, automation plays a significant role to ensure excellent outcomes for clients. Applying next-level technology, programs and robotics helps us to increase efficiency and accuracy, while achieving desired results with minimal human error or input.
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KOAM implements best-in-market tracking technologies to ensure that our customer has easily accessible tracking information for your assets. KOAM offers a ‘live sharing’ feature, allowing customers to see the truck's position in real time. Couple this with unrivaled EDI capability and API integration and you have everything you need to remain informed throughout the entire asset journey.
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