Returnable Container Management System

Unrivaled Tracking Capabilities and Waste Reduction Processes


Initial on-site work to organize and sort all relevant products and equipment that come into the warehouse. The initial process allows us to effectively assign items to categories, and supplier lines, allows seamless management of these groups.


All inventory is carefully monitored and managed with our in depth inventory management software that integrates accounting, planning and tracking. Detailed records of each new or returned product are recorded as they enter or leave the warehouse. Learn More.


We remove damaged parts and replace with brand new parts, leaving your product in great condition and ready for business. See our Examples.


We make adjustments to existing products, addressing both product quality issues and new model parts in order to improve their performance and efficiency. See our examples.


We take steel & plastic that is no longer required or obsolete and recycle when possible. In regard to plastic, credit goes to customers for future purchases and in terms of steel, we take it out of the customers hands so they don’t get left with the hassle. Learn More.

Many businesses face significant difficulties in effectively managing their reusable, returnable assets that their supply chains depend on. KOAM’s returnable container management system provides seamless storage and delivery options for your facility. KOAM manages all container and equipment movement via a comprehensive online software system, allowing us to monitor all movements and, allowing you to receive tracking information and updates throughout the entire supply chain journey.

KOAM follows a framework for sustainable product development that takes the whole product life cycle into account. Our seasoned experts can custom design and build your desired product from the ground up, leaving you with a high quality handcrafted product. When required, we repair and modify your existing racks and containers. We remove the old, damaged parts from your rack or container, clean it, paint it, weld on new parts, re-weld loose parts and ensure everything is secure.

When materials are no longer required or obsolete, we take the hassle off your hands and recycle what is possible. We implement this process in two different ways - one for plastic materials and another for steel.

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