Coordinate Measuring Machines

Enhancing service offerings, inspection and scanning capabilities.

KOAM implements CMM technology with greater flexibility and efficiency in order to perform the best quality control we can offer. With Creaform’s HandyPROBE Next portable CMM, we can ensure measurement accuracy that is insensitive to the instabilities of any environment.

Matchless Assistance

HandyPROBE Next is the best metrology solution for measuring units on the production floor. The benefits of CMM include instant measuring, 2x more accuracy, portability and automatic alignment. KOAM integrates Creaform’s 3D measurement solutions to approach all challenges of the manufacturing process. KOAM utilizes the CMM software to boost productivity, speed and confidence in our process, by working with 3D scanning and measurement technologies to combine all of the essential tools for your data acquisition process.


Benefits & Functions of CMM Inspection

  • 0.025mm accuracy to ensure precision for all of your packaged products.

  • ISO 7025 certified for precise calibration and consistent data time after time.

  • Patented technology with unmatched defect inspection capabilities.


High-Functioning Inspection Jigs

  • KOAM uses robotic loading and unloading to ensure precision.

  • Completes parts inspection, shape measurement along multiple points on racks and ensures process control of virtually any product.

  • With CMM technology, rack prototypes can be precisely made and first article inspection, along with robotic loading rack inspections are more accurate than ever.


KOAM Offers Onsite Inspection Services

Do you need us to come to you to measure and inspect your product? KOAM has mobile CMM machines, meaning our highly experienced engineers can come to your business and perform onsite inspections, leaving you with little downtime and keeping your business running as it should.


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