Supply Chain Support

KOAM provides extensive supply chain management support to maximize our customer’s value and ensure we are competitive in market. We manage the flow of goods and services that transform raw materials in to final products and streamline our supply activities to ensure we are as economical as possible.

Quality Control

KOAM adheres to a strict quality control (QC) process to ensure that the performed service follows a defined set of quality criteria and meets the requirements of the customer. We unpack all products and conduct QC before repacking and commencing the distribution process.


KOAM utilizes a sub-assembly process, combining or building components in to component assemblies so that they are ready for inclusion in larger manufacturing processes. We start with a base and attach parts to form a complete and well-structured new item. KOAM implements sequences in the sub-assembly line to ensure the correct sub-assembly product is being delivered to the correct corresponding end item, in order to ensure a high quality finished product.


KOAM uses sequencing to pick and present the proper and correct parts to the manufacturing line for inclusion in a sub-assembly or a final product. This service guarantees delivery of the proper part to the manufacturing line at the right time and in the correct sequence.

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