• Warehousing Services

Warehousing Services

KOAM operates full-service warehousing facilities and distribution centers in southeastern USA and is proud to provide services to the region. Our services offer clients practical and convenient warehousing and storage space solutions that accommodate short-term, seasonal or fluctuating space requirements. Our flexibility ensures clients can easily manage and move assets when needed and as quickly as needed.

Inventory Management

We take the stress off you by monitoring and controlling your inventory levels. We streamline processes and use technology to easily monitor all inventory in warehouses, providing you updates when appropriate and ensuring that product cycle times are optimal.

Asset Management

We continuously monitor how long certain products have been in the warehouse. If there is no longer a use for the product or they have become obsolete, we sustainably dispose of these assets. We manage all your requirements and as we are committed to being a "green" company, we recycle items and components that can be used again.

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