Electric Fleet Data Analysis

KOAM are early adopters of electric mobility within our material handling solutions division. We utilize advanced technology to analyze and assess data provided from our fleet. New technologies and advanced computational methods helps save money, reduce risk, and improve the reliability of our critical assets. By utilizing an electric fleet, we reduce operating costs and are also following our “green” commitment, striving to be a sustainable business and reduce our carbon footprint.


By using an innovative E-Meter, we capture real-time statistics on energy and usage data of our electric fleet. With the data captured, we can review and obtain a comprehensive analysis including critical factors such operating costs, productivity, capital expenses, and employee safety. Implementing an energy meter helps KOAM improve the efficiency and productivity of operations.

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PosiCharge EMeter

LP Meter

KOAM utilizes a cellular forklift meter to measure and analyze LP forklift energy usage. As we convert our fleet to an electric fleet, it is important to monitor any LP fuel use. The LP Meter can demonstrate a customized LP to Electric solution. Using the data collected, we have the ability to see an in-depth assessments of your LP fleet and a detailed, custom electric fleet profile.

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PosiCharge LPMeter

Battery Rx

KOAM uses a battery fleet management tool that monitors, records and reports on the health of our batteries in use. This promotes fleet productivity and decreases downtime as it has the ability to send an alert when there is an issue with a battery. The system ultimately reduces our need for battery replacements through features such as preventative maintenance scheduling and real-time alerts to ensure that the customer’s process is not affected.

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PosiCharge BatteryRX


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