Returnable Container Management System

Unrivaled Tracking Capabilities and Waste Reduction Processes


KOAM boasts best-in-class technology for all logistics and supply journeys. The whole repair process can be further enhanced by adding our unique tracking services. These services allow you to have in-depth and easily accessible tracking information for all of your assets, at all times. To learn more about this process, visit our tracking page.

Logistics Service Center

Containers that are retired designs or no longer function properly have the potential to be reused. These materials are stored to later convert into a newer, upgraded model. Saving containers for future use allows for minimal waste and the manipulation of our long-lasting materials. KOAM strives to dispatch container orders promptly. Our service center begins the packing and shipping operation upon order arrival for a quick turnaround. Along with expediting the distribution process, the logistic service center can aid in the selection of packaging types.

Repair Center

KOAM follows a framework for sustainable product development that takes the whole product life cycle into account. Our seasoned experts can custom design and build your desired product from the ground up, leaving you with a high-quality handcrafted product. When required, we repair and modify your existing racks and containers. We remove the old, damaged parts from your rack or container, clean it, paint it, weld on new parts, re-weld loose parts and ensure everything is secure.


When materials are no longer required or obsolete, we take the hassle off your hands and recycle what is possible. We implement this process in two different ways - one for plastic materials and another for steel.

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