Returnable Packaging
Returnable Packaging

Boxes and Totes

KOAM offers boxes, totes, and trays in standard or non-standard sizes. All of our boxes, totes and trays can be custom designed from corrugated plastic to deliver optimal quality and to meet the specific needs of the customer.

Bag and Pouch System

KOAM custom designs and manufactures soft fabric dunnage systems for integration into totes, bulk containers and racks. Strong, durable and collapsible, our vinyl fabric bag and pouch dunnage systems increase protection and are extremely reliable, while also saving space when not in use.

Returnable Packaging

Dividers, Partitions, and Foam

Regardless of your product; heavy or light, big or small, delicate or heavy-duty, KOAM utilizes corrugated plastics and foam in both existing containers or new containers to best suit the needs of the product.

Returnable Packaging

Steel Racks and Carts

KOAM has extensive expertise in steel fabrication, with multiple warehouses in Alabama. We have a long history designing and building rack and cart systems from the ground up, using appropriate dunnage and materials to best support our customers needs and budget.


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